Fragment Painted Plaster


Fragment Painted Plaster
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Very thick fragment with broad parallel grooves on back where attached; rough gouge running across grooves near one broken edge. Broad band of painted decoration between guide grooves consisting of lyres alternating in direction; exterior of lyre indicated by curving bands larger and facing outward at the top, smaller and facing inward at the bottom with loop extending from lower curve into outer border of next lyre; at the interior base of each lyre, hollow semicircle from which project vertical stripes of ascending height. Decoration painted directly on well smoothed plaster with outline of lyres in green, lower loops filled with yellow with inner half circle and projecting lines red in one preserved lyre, with lower circle filled with yellow in other preserved lyre with projecting stripes in the green of the exterior.
State of Preservation
Roughly triangular fragment with all edges broken; some dirt and discoloration over most of surface.
16.2 cm
19.0 cm
Wall body ca 7.5YR 8/2 (pinkish white); plaster surface near dead white; green paint 5G 5/2 (grayish green); yellow paint ca 2.5Y 8/6 (yellow); red 10R 4/3 (weak red).
wall decoration
painted plaster