Circular Hearthguard Fragment



Circular Hearthguard Fragment

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Fragment from main panel w 3 relief figures of dancing maenads. Figure on l moving l on tiptoe wearing chiton w l arm stretched behind her w hand holding knife & swath of himation pulled across body and wrapped around l arm; center figure moving l on tiptoe wearing chiton, w l breast bared, & r arm raised & l arm down behind her at side w hand holding rear body & legs of ?fawn; himation around shoulders and falling down to waist on r, to near hem of chiton on l; r figure moving r on tiptoe in chiton & himation which falls behind r shoulder, r arm down to side w hand holding upper body of fawn by r leg, staff of thyrsus visible at r edge. Figures standing on raised band below which thick rope band, at bottom of which broken edge of lower portion of hearthguard. Whole front surface originally covered with dark metallic slip. Fire-darkened back surface concave, sloping in toward bottom.

State of Preservation

Semicircular fragment w all edges broken; only feet & lower edge of drapery pres on two side figures.


18.3 cm


23.4 cm


Clay body 5YR 6/6 (reddish yellow); metallic paint ca 10YR 4/1 (dark gray); darkened back 5YR 2.5/ (dark reddish brown).


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