Circular Hearthguard Fragment



Circular Hearthguard Fragment

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Fragment a: From main body w trace of projecting rim above w parts of two maenads. Maenad at r moving r in peplos w long overfold & himation draped around front of body, reaching to just above r elbow & covering l arm to mid- forearm which bent up w, in l hand, pole from end of which suspended dead rabbit; unknown object in r hand which stretched behind figure. Classicizing style drapery of features of face, hair pulled back in chignon. Left figure seen from back w head l & r arm bent up w thyrsus w in r hand two curving leaves on staff below head; ?chiton draped so as to leave arm bare, swath of drapery pulled from front to back over r arm. Slip on front & darkening on rear as on N.193. Fragment b: Fragment of main body w 3 maenads. Central figure moving r wearing chiton w himation around shoulders & falling on either side of body, w at l drapery bundled up to hold ?grapes; l figure moving r; fragmentary r figure moving rapidly r, holding knife behind her in r hand. Area below figures and paint as on N.193; int fire-darkened.

State of Preservation

Two barely joining but unjoined fragments. Fragment a: Triangular fragment preserving part of upper raised border & l figure to c knees, r figure f waist at r, shoulder at l.; all edges broken. Fragment b: Irregularly triangular shape, apex at top of fragment. Most of upper bodies of side figures broken away, c figure broken off at neck. Some surface chipping w large fragment removed fr r leg of center figure. Rope band broken off at r side. Paint badly worn.


a: 12.42 cm; b: 14.06 cm


a: 17.5 cm; b: 17.6 cm


Clay body 5YR 6/6 (reddish yellow); metallic paint ca 10YR 4/1 (dark gray); darkened back 5YR 2.5/ (dark reddish brown).


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