Circular Hearthguard Fragment



Circular Hearthguard Fragment

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Fragment from main body w maenads in relief dancing on tiptoe. Maenad at left facing left with animal with head facing down over left shoulder and cloak pulled over left arm and wrapped around right wrist curving under animal across body; in backstretched right hand small knife. Head upturned, face of classicizing style with hair rolled back from forehead around side of head and ending in chignon. Right hand figure in chiton with left breast bare and cloak in arc from in front of right arm to back of left arm which stretches out behind; upraised right arm with hand holding knife; face and hair as on preceding figure but with head downturned. Below figures narrow horizontal band with thick rope band below. Ext originally covered with dark metallic slip; int fire-darkened.

State of Preservation

Irregularly quadrilateral fragment broken off straight across the top and in roughly parallel diagonal sides, lower edge irregular. Left figure missing left arm and hind portions of animal and adjacent portions of drapery; right figure missing right hand and adjacent drapery and large portion of lower left side of drapery including all of one foot and part of second. Surface chipped and worn with knife of right figure chipped away and most of features of face worn off. Slip mostly worn off.


18.5 cm


15.2 cm


Clay body 5YR 6/6 (reddish yellow); metallic paint ca 10YR 4/1 (dark gray); darkened back 5YR 2.5/ (dark reddish brown).


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