Paste & Carnelian Bead Necklace


Paste & Carnelian Bead Necklace
Inventory Number
11 beads: 8 depressed globular to barrel paste melon beads, 2 cylindrical paste/?TC beads, 1 faceted short barrel carnelian bead. Now strung on twisted blue string. Two melon beads (2 & 3) evidently made in two-piece mould. Cylindrical beads decorated with two sets of horizontal stripes, each set meeting in kind of ogival configuration.
State of Preservation
Melon beads chipped slightly at ends except for 8 which seems more heavily damaged at one end and ground off. Cylindrical beads each broken at one end, to remove ?1/4 of bead. Large fragment chipped from near one end of carnelian bead.
Max Diameter
2.34 cm
1.98 cm
1. Ca 5G 7/1 (greenish gray); 2. 7.5YR 8/4 (pink) darkened in one section to 7.5YR 5/4 (brown); 3. 7.5YR 8/2 (pinkish white) darkened esp in depressions to 7.5YR 6/2 (pinkish gray); 4. glaze 5B 4/1 (dark blue gray); 5. 2.5Y 8/2 (white); 6. 5G 7/1 (light greenish gray throughout w dead white fill between ribs; 7. body ca 5GY 7/1 (light greenish gray) w traces of glaze 5BG 4/1 (dark greenish gray); 8. body ca 5Y 8/1 (white) w traces of glaze between ribs 5G 6/2 (pale green); 9. body 7.5YR N4/ (dark gray) w glaze 10YR 8/1 (white) and end stripe 10R 5/4 (weak red); 10. as 9; 11. 10R 5/4 (dusky red).
objects not numbered