The Wilcox Classical Museum was dedicated in 1888 as the Classical Museum of the University of Kansas. The Museum’s founder, Professor Alexander Wilcox, taught at KU from 1865-1915. In creating this collection, Professor Wilcox had the goal in mind of exposing students and Kansans alike to the ancient Greek and Roman arts. It was the first of its kind in the region.


Today, the Wilcox Classical Museum is operated by faculty and students from KU’s Department of Classics. It displays plaster casts of famous Greek and Roman sculptures as well as a wide range of ancient objects and artifacts from the ancient Mediterranean region.


The Museum is located in Lippincott Hall 103, in the Mary Amelia Grant Gallery, named after a longtime curator and one of several significant benefactors of the collection during the twentieth century.


The Department of Classics with current curator and director Phil Stinson, Associate Professor of Classics, hope to soon renovate the Museum with the goal of significantly broadening its audience and using the collection more in undergraduate and graduate teaching.